5 Reasons to Use Local TV Ads for Recruitment

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As Massachusetts’s jobless rate drops to just above the record low set in the summer and fall of 2000, available skilled workers in the Greater Boston area are becoming fewer and further between. Most residents are fully occupied with their existing jobs.


If you want to reach these prime candidates, the time has come to get creative by using outbound methods to stand out where other employers are waiting for talent to go to them.

One underutilized method for attracting talent away from their current roles or back into the workforce is local TV advertisements in the form of sponsored segments on your local news channel. Your business will be promoted on-air as the ideal workplace for local job seekers.


Here are five reasons Boston employers should use local TV in their evolving recruitment marketing strategy.

1. Reach Local Job Seekers

Broadcasting your available roles through local news stations will attract local viewers. When hiring for on-site positions, marketing far and wide online is less valuable than using channels that specifically reach people who live near your business. By advertising during specific time slots on local news channels, you can reach talented candidates who are nearby but have not previously heard of your company.

2. Attract Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are fully occupied professionals but passively browsing for a better opportunity. These people would consider a new job, but are not actively looking and therefore have not appeared on your recruiter’s radars.


However, passive candidates do watch local television.


Local TV ads excel at reaching passive candidates who watch television during a routine that may not offer them enough challenge during the day.


Seventy percent of potential candidates are passive rather than active. So, while job postings will reach the few active candidates in the area, job ads cast a wider net into a much larger talent pool.


3. Gain a Competitive Edge

Television advertising is one of the few marketing channels that have not been over-saturated with job postings. Most other brands keep a laser focus on digital and print-based recruitment channels. This allows you to benefit from an omnichannel approach by including television spots in your recruitment campaign strategy. You can use a significant competitive edge, especially when attracting local and interested talent through television advertisements. Viewers are also more likely to be people who stay engaged in local events by watching Boston Area news.

4. Build Your Employer Brand

A high-quality sponsored news segment for your job posting can also increase your brand reputation compared to more irritating methods like pop-up ads and flyer campaigns.


Television allows you to build credibility by showing off your company culture and brand personality as you showcase the jobs available.


Sponsoring news segments on a local channel can build even more credibility by being associated with a trusted source. Compelling visuals, pleasant audio, and desirable positions will positively impact your viewers. You will even raise general brand awareness simultaneously for viewers who are not potential candidates.

5. Repurpose Across Marketing Channels

After airing your TV news segment, you can use the footage for a wide range of other marketing channels. You can publish the video on your company’s YouTube Channel, use it to spice up the Careers page on your company website and chop it into clips for your social media campaign. You can send it out for OTT advertising through streaming services or even use clips on digital signage to draw attention from people in local shopping centers and event venues.


What Should Employers Include in Television Spots for Recruitment?

When planning a television recruitment ad, combining your content from a few essential elements is important. You want to create a compelling view of your company and insight into what your jobs have in store. Share your company values, the benefits of working in your company, the potential for career advancement, and what makes working for your company great. Add social proof with testimonials, and show off your location with a map point and virtual tour.


Consider each of these elements for your recruitment ad design. Mix and match the following to create the best representation of your brand and why talent should choose your roles:


  • Employee testimonials
    • Employees sharing their own experiences and why working for your company has been rewarding.
  • Benefits and incentives
    • Benefits your company offers that incentivize recruitment. This can also showcase your company’s value and culture.
  • Employer value proposition
    • Your value proposition is the value you offer as an employer over other employers.
  • Potential career progression
    • How do you offer career development and internal advancement opportunities?
  • Demonstrations of company culture
    • Show how your company culture makes your business a rewarding place to work.
  • Virtual tour of the office
    • Showcase your attractive, welcoming, or innovative workplace design
  • Showcasing location on a map
    • Attract local Bostonians by showing where you are located in the Greater Boston Area.

These strategies can be used together or in different combinations to show future candidates what your workplace has in store. Like traditional advertising, recruitment advertising is all about showing off the superior value you offer to candidates as an employer.


How Can Employers Get Started with TV Recruitment Ads?

Many businesses get bogged down in hiring multiple recruitment and marketing agencies when seeking a multi-channel recruitment strategy. However, you can streamline with a one-stop shop like Boston’s Local Career Connect.


Why go through the hassle and expense of hiring different companies for video production and media buyers?


Local Career Connect can help you to plan, record, and broadcast your recruitment ads during sponsored news segments dedicated to your job offering.


If you are interested in reaching Boston job seekers through TV ads, reach out to Local Career Connect by phone, email, or form.

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